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As of March 31, 2014, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is the 7th best selling game for the Nintendo 3DS, having sold about 3.98 million copies worldwide. There is a trophy over the fireplace which has a plunger and a wrench on it, suggesting that Luigi does work as a plumber from time to time. Luigi succeeds at this and promptly enters the Paranormal Portal, where he reaches the final area of the game, King Boo's Illusion. Super Mario Maker 2. King Boo also explains that he believes he is the rightful ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and wishes to conquer it with his new army. Debuting as the lead antagonist in 2001's Luigi's Mansion on the Nintendo GameCube, he would later go on to make numerous appearances in the various Mario sports and party games before ultimately making his grandiose return in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on the Nintendo 3DS, where he once again played foil to the titular Green plumber. Cash and gems help with the mission score, as well as with upgrades to the Poltergust 5000. If Luigi takes too much damage from ghost attacks or environmental hazards and loses all his heart points, he will faint and the player must restart the mission. After Luigi obtains the last Dark Moon piece from the Tough Possessor within the illusion, E. Gadd attempts to pixelate him back to the Bunker, but King Boo interferes, sending him back to King Boo's Illusion. If the player finds and collects a golden bone, Luigi will be revived and continue the mission instead of starting over. When the objective is completed, the players ascend to the next floor. Many of the game's puzzles are designed around this concept. [7] Luigi is also given the Dual Scream, which is an original Nintendo DS. Welcome to CheatingDome, your magical spot on the web for all the cheats, tips & secrets for your videogames We are publishing new cheats, hints and secrets every day since 1998. Learn about the story, the characters, and the haunted Last Resort hotel in the Luigi’s Mansion™ 3 game for the Nintendo Switch™ system. [5] Shining light via flashlight is no longer sufficient to stun the ghosts in the game; players now need to activate the Strobulb to stun ghosts. All Bosses. It is shown that Luigi spends a large amount of time with the Ghosts now that the Dark Moon is back. Once Luigi reaches the terrace, King Boo appears and opens up the paranormal portal and releases all of the undead. It turns out the image was forged to lead Luigi into a trap, and he is ambushed by Big Boo. A direct sequel for the Nintendo 3DS, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, was released in March 2013, almost twelve years after the release of Luigi's Mansion, to celebrate the Year of Luigi. Nintendo renovates one of its more oddball offerings into a must-have title. Luigi's Mansion is a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube initially released in 2001, and the first installment of the Luigi's Mansion series. In 2015, Nintendo released Luigi's Mansion Arcade, an arcade game based on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon developed by Capcom and published by Sega. [29], Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon debuted to high sales worldwide, becoming the sixth best-selling game of April 2013 in the US selling 415,000 units (375,000 of which were physical copies)[45][46] and selling 515,975 units in Japan by April 14, 2013. [12], Dark Moon was released in Japan on March 20, 2013, in North America on March 24,[13] and in Europe and Australia on March 28. Early in the game, the player obtains the Dark-Light Device, which reveals invisible doors and furniture. Some types of ghosts wear protection against the Strobulb and need to be tricked into becoming vulnerable. The professor releases the captured ghosts from the Vault, and they celebrate by taking a photo. The trick is left intact in the German and Dutch translation. He succeeds in capturing King Boo, claims the jewel from his crown, and returns to his dimension with Mario's painting. E. Gadd releases them from the Vault and they start playing with Mario and company. The game was originally going to be named Luigi's Mansion 2 in both European and American versions, but the latter had its name changed some time later. 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At the end of each mission, the player is scored based on various factors such as the treasures and ghosts collected. The floors are all randomly generated, with different floor layouts and placement of ghosts and items, and the players may select whether the mansion has a limited or endless number of floors. There is a Boo in each mission that when captured works towards additional missions. For example, when Luigi wipes his hands at the end of a level, he will only use one hand, as the other will be resting by his side. E. Gadd smiles as Mario gives him a pat on the back, proud of his brother for overcoming his fears. Unlike its predecessor, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon includes a multiplayer mode called the ScareScraper (known as Thrill Tower in European and Australian versions), a series of floors where up to four players can play. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! While combat is less complicated but wholly enjoyable, the game's real priority lies in exploration and puzzles. The ScareScraper can be set to have 5, 10, 25, or infinite rooms. [8] Luigi can still yell using the D-pad, as well as hum with the music if standing still for a while[9]. Luigi progressively explores five different-themed mansions while capturing ghosts and solving puzzles in order to progress to the next level. An arcade version of the game was released in 2015. There is also an "extra life" system. [49] In the United Kingdom, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon charted fifth in the All Formats chart, a position it held for three consecutive weeks, becoming the first 3DS exclusive title of the year to chart. The game was released on Thursday, March 28, 2013, because Friday, March 29, 2013 was. An arcade version of the game was released in 2015. In the game's single-player mode, the main goal is to retrieve the shards of the shattered Dark Moon, a magical object that has a pacifying effect on the ghosts who live in the game's setting, Evershade Valley, while also rescuing Luigi’s brother, Mario, from King Boo, the mastermind behind the disappearance of the Dark Moon and the paranormal activity. IGN's Keza MacDonald gave the game a 9.3 out of 10, and GameXplain gave the game 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, he also criticized the game for its lack of checkpoints, stating that "Death, though rare, forces Luigi to restart missions from scratch, punishing 30 seconds of weak defence with up to half an hour of collecting treasure and solving puzzles for a second time which feels like rough justice when you make a silly mistake in a surprise ambush." When the player obtains the Dark Moon fragment hidden in a mansion, they can progress to the next mansion. It acts the same way as the Game Boy Horror and displays a map on the 3DS's bottom screen. In the French translation, the first letter of each bonus mission in order read "Luigi". Eventually, Luigi and the Professor find out that Mario was turned into a painting and that King Boo is behind the whole crisis. and the Mario Strikers series. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is an action-adventure game in which the main player character is Luigi, who is sent by Professor E. Gadd to explore abandoned haunted mansions and capture hostile ghosts using the Poltergust 5000, a specialized vacuum cleaner. The Walkthrough for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon contains all Gem Locations and Boo Locations and boss fight guides, in addition to a step-by-step guide and video of … It also revealed that it was King Boo who captured Mario. [16] It is an on-rails light gun game with a vacuum controller and support for two players. Luigi makes his way through five different mansions in the valley, proceeding to recover Dark Moon pieces from Possessor Ghosts in each mansion and saving the professor's Toad assistants, whom King Boo turned into paintings. The game ends as Luigi returns home with his newly adopted ghost dog, Polterpup. In September 2018, Nintendo and Next Level Games announced a third entry in the series, titled Luigi's Mansion 3, which was released worldwide on October 31, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.[2][3]. They rebuild the Dark Moon, which returns the ghosts back to their friendly selves. King Boo, who escaped his painting after Professor E. Gadd sold it at a garage sale, shatters the Dark Moon, a large crystal which has a pacifying effect on the ghosts that inhabit Evershade Valley, using the magic jewel embedded in his crown. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an action-adventure game developed by Next Level Games and published. He plans to put Luigi and his friends in paintings as well, and proceeds to battle him. [17] Location tests were conducted during the 2014 Halloween weekend from October 30 until November 3. This causes the ghosts to suddenly become hostile, forcing the Professor to take shelter in a bunker while dark, eerie fog covers the valley. The only thing to fear is that it takes another 10 years to return. Dark Moon offers a cooperative multiplayer mode that can be played locally or online via Nintendo Network. The glitch ends after the mission ends or Luigi is controllable again. "[19], Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon received positive reviews, gaining aggregate score 86/100 on Metacritic. It marks the second time where Luigi is the main character, with Mario playing a supporting role, the first being Mario is Missing! Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, known as Luigi's Mansion 2 outside North America and South Korea or as Luigi Mansion 2 in Japanese, is a Nintendo 3DS game, and a sequel to Luigi's Mansion, a Nintendo GameCube launch title. The Play Nintendo website features a skill quiz on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. He concluded on a positive note, stating "For as much as Luigi's Mansion 2 acts like the class clown, all shrieks and pratfalls, it has more heart than any game in recent memory when it isn't yanking them out of ghost chests, naturally. In Old Clockworks' Mission C-5: Piece at Last, after saving Toad from his Painting, if the player heads to the Maintenance Hub, shoots the Toad across the chasm to the floor above (leading to the Service Elevator room) and makes their way to him, the Toad will fall through the metal floor. The game features some references and Easter Eggs, most of which appear in the intro sequence: From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. In the main single-player mode, the player explores five different mansions designed around a specific theme, such as an overgrown greenhouse and a clock factory built over an archaeological site, to retrieve the Dark Moon fragment hidden within. Luigi’s dream vacation is a real nightmare—complete with ghosts, ghouls, and a haunted hotel in the Luigi’s Mansion game for the Nintendo Switch system. Luigi can vacuum up to three ghosts simultaneously. "[44], Conversely, GameSpot gave it a 6.5 out of 10, citing "difficulty spikes and a lack of checkpoints", as well as the stiff controls, but praised the multiplayer functionality. Luigi says "Come here, doggy" resulting in the pup befriending Luigi. The game was released in Japan on March 20, 2013, and later in that same month in most other major regions. This causes ghosts everywhere to become hostile without the calming influence of the artifact. Exploration through a mansion is divided into multiple mission-based levels that focus on completing a number of objectives, such as retrieving an object, accessing a particular room, or defeating a stronger boss ghost. This page was last edited on December 4, 2020, at 19:01. Luigi's Mansion 3 plays much like the two previous entries in the series, Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, returning to a singular setting much like the first game while featuring a variety of themed floors akin to the second game's mansions, allowing the player to … Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is an action-adventure game in which the main player character is Luigi, who is sent by Professor E. Gadd to explore abandoned haunted mansions and capture hostile ghosts using the Poltergust 5000, a specialized vacuum cleaner. This game also introduces the Poltergust 5000, an upgrade to the 3000 model. Mario is freed by Luigi's Dark-Light, and the Toad assistants appear with the Dark Moon pieces. Funny, gorgeous, crammed full of surprises... but enough about Luigi. Luigi’s Mansion 3. The game received generally positive reviews from critics, praising the game’s 3D visuals and new features, but some criticism was given for the game's mission-based structure and lack of checkpoints. Luigi then battles and defeats King Boo. "[36], Matthew Castle of Official Nintendo Magazine UK gave it a 92%, praising the game's 3D visuals and mix of old and new features. However, after Luigi obtains the final Dark Moon piece in a parallel dimension, King Boo intercepts him as he is being returned to the bunker. However, Gamespot's Carolyn Petit gave the game a 6.5/10, saying that it has "no shortage of charm, but difficulty spikes and a lack of checkpoints weigh heavily on the experience". Not released on April 24, 2013, for the 3DS. Luigi is the younger twin brother of Nintendo 's famous mascot, Mario (of Super Mario Bros. fame), and ordinarily the "Player 2" of the franchise. He then goes to sleep on his couch, and his newly-adopted Polterpup comes and naps with him. While Luigi's Mansion required the player to shine the light on the ghost, in Dark Moon, the player charges the Strobulb to release a burst of light that acts similar to a flashbang. He will now appear in a hotel, solving puzzles and defeating the evil spirits in every room and corridor. "[43], Matthew Reynolds of Digital Spy gave it 5 out of 5 stars, commenting positively that "Practically every room in this expansive follow-up feels lovingly handcrafted and crammed full of things to tinker with, filled with playful animations and spoils to discover. If Luigi calls with the at the same time he does something else, such as opening a door, he will put his arm down instead of using it normally. It is revealed afterwards, during the credits, that E. Gadd went back to his research on the Ghosts of the Evershade Valley with Luigi joining him for sometime before returning home with the Polterpup. If the player earns a 3-star rank on every mission (which requires capturing every Boo to unlock the bonus missions), they will be rewarded with another one. There, Luigi sees Mario's painting, but King Boo appears and reveals that he broke the Dark Moon in order to put all the ghosts under his control. E. Gadd uses his Pixelator to teleport Luigi through the screen, much to Luigi's objection, into E. Gadd's Bunker in the Evershade Valley to search for the scattered pieces of the Dark Moon and solve this problem. This time around, however, the green plumber serves as the lead protagonist. When Luigi returns to the Treacherous Mansion, he frees Mario from the painting and reunites with the Professor and the Toads. List of Boos in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, List of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon quotes, List of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon pre-release and unused content, List of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon glitches, Category:Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Media Files, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Overview Trailer,, Nintendo Korea releases four Nintendo Select titles for Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL, Luigi's Mansion 2: E3 2011 Off-Screen Footage,,, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. If. The scene when Luigi inspects his TV is a reference to a scene in the movie, The scene where Luigi looks down the staircase in the, This is one of the rare Nintendo games that was not released on Friday in Europe. Other objects, such as certain types of switches and locks, react only when exposed to the Strobulb flash. Luigi’s Mansion is a sequel. So man up Luigi and embrace your applause. The characters battle on a downsized version of the mansion that appeared in Luigi's Mansion.The mansion's interior rooms will be visible when the characters pass through the mansion's outer walls; similarly, when all of the fighters are outside of the mansion, the mansion's exterior is shown, although this is only if all four quadrants of the building are still intact. Stage overview []. Nintendo 3DS (3DS) cheats, cheat codes, guides, unlockables, easter eggs, glitches, hints, and more. Finally, the last E. Gadd medal can be earned by completing the entire Vault: this includes collecting every gem, Boo, Poltergust upgrade, and capturing every normal and boss ghost from Evershade Valley and ScareScraper at least once. For a limited time, players in Europe could purchase the retail version of the game with a glow-in-the-dark cover, and a Boo stress ball as a pre-order bonus. Though they are all labeled as mansions, neither the. The game has received mostly positive reviews. Professor E. Gadd has been researching ghosts in Evershade Valley, with some assistance from his friendly Greenies. [6] The Flash Light has another feature called the Dark-Light Device, which shines a rainbow colored light to find things such as the path of Boos or invisible objects. After Luigi gets 4 Dark Moon pieces and rescues two Toads in Treacherous Mansion, the two Toads give E. Gadd a security image as the other Toads did when he rescued them. "ScareScraper" can be played locally or online via Nintendo Network.[5]. There are 5 mansions in the main game (with a separate sixth mansion being exclusive to multiplayer mode), which house multiple missions in them and share a puzzle-oriented theme. When stunned, the ghost's hit points are exposed, allowing Luigi to vacuum the ghost to decrease its hit points until it is weak enough to be captured. [12] Miyamoto at one point threw out the designed bosses in the game and encouraged the team to come up with bosses that "could only appear in Luigi's Mansion". The Nintendo 3DS touchscreen shows a mini-map of the mansion's layout, with locations of both locked and unlocked doors. In this game, the Dark Moon has shattered and Luigi needs to find the Dark Moon pieces. However, the animation will otherwise be unaffected. The various Toads that are trapped in paintings each have a different fear which requires more problem solving. Then, a Greenie comes in and takes a photo of Luigi and his allies. The first letters make out the words "geist" in German and "spook" in Dutch. After a twelve year hiatus, the series was revived with ‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’ in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. For example, the player uses the vacuum to carry buckets of water, yank pull switches, spin valve handles, and propel small objects. Luigi then meets up with E. Gadd at Treacherous Mansion's Terrace. There is no explanation for this glitch. has more content than anyone else to help you win all Nintendo 3DS (3DS) games! King Boo states he destroyed the Dark Moon and reveals his intentions to use the corrupted ghosts to conquer the world. Bye-bye, everybody! The first letters of each mansion, possessor, and bonus mission, in the order of the story, make out the word "ghost." Upon completing Dark Moon Quest, the game's story mode, the player will earn an E. Gadd medal on their file above the playtime. He tells Luigi to collect the five pieces of the Dark Moon, which have been scattered to different mansions, to clear out the fog and restore peace to Evershade Valley[6] and capture and contain the ghosts before they leave the valley and wreak havoc on the rest of the world. It is also the third video game where Luigi is the main character instead of Mario after the first Luigi's Mansion game and Mario is Missing!. Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey, Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher 2, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Arcade Edition, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. In Dutch it only works with the first letters of the possessors and bonus missions, however. This is the third game to feature Luigi as the main character with Mario playing a supporting role (the first two being Mario is Missing! [18] The Swedish children's magazine Robot positively described the arcade game, calling it an intelligent idea and especially praising how "the vacuum cleaner feels so real.

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